The Road Map to Road Salt Reduction: Success Stories from Lake George

Road salt is costly — to taxpayers and to the water quality of Lake George, its tributaries and private drinking water wells. That’s why the Lake George Association (LGA) has spearheaded, and served as the primary underwriter, of the Lake George Road Salt Reduction Initiative for the past six years.

Now, in this special one-hour event, recorded on Feb. 10, 2021, you’ll view the premiere of the LGA’s documentary film, “The Roadmap to Road Salt Reduction: Success Stories from Lake George,” featuring the powerful stories of how the Towns of Lake George and Hague and Warren County are reducing road salt use through a shared commitment that is driving us toward lasting success. Following the film, stay tuned for an insightful discussion with LGA Director Eric Siy, Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky and winter management expert Phil Sexton, CEO of WIT Advisers, as they take questions from the nearly 150 event participants.

Learn more about our road salt reduction intiative at: